Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers help to clarify my position and possibly dispel some myths. Click a question below to find out the truth!

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I heard that you supported a pro-choice candidate in the last election.

I do my research, and I ONLY vote for pro-life candidates. I vote for what is best for my community.

Question for the voters: Do you want a politician who follows the establishment OR do you want a leader who LISTENS to the people and responds accordingly?

I heard that you live in Jasper County only about half the time.

I am an obstetrics nurse and work the night shift at Franciscan Health in Lafayette. I sleep between my 12 hour shifts at a place close to the hospital. My home is in Jasper County and has been for over 30 years. Did you know that the women in Jasper, Pulaski, and White counties have no obstetrics units at their county hospitals and must travel many miles to deliver their babies? If they have to travel that far, then so will I!

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