Political Issues

I have a passion for the issues on this page; however, there are more issues than listed here which are important to me and other Hoosiers!

If you would like to have a conversation about any issues important to you, contact me!


Jasper County residents are particularly unhappy with the personal income tax rate of 2.86% which is 4th highest in the state behind Randolph 3.0%, Cass 2.95%, and Wabash 2.90% Counties, respectively. Why is the personal income tax rate so high for Jasper County residents?


There’s a tax for just about everything! What will they think up next? The residents of Jasper County want tax structures revisited and analyzed.


Tax Abatements to Renewable Energy Corporations

Jasper County residents are not happy with tax abatements leveraged to international corporations for renewable energy sources.

Abatements need to be scrutinized to determine the best interests of the county and its residents, not just financial gain.



Jasper County residents would like to see more transparency in local government. Some specific examples were an updated county website with user friendly tabs and more information about the county and county business and a larger repository of minutes.

Transparency = trust; it’s that simple.


Other Issues


Term Limits:

Do you ever wonder why politicians won’t discuss term limits? Well, this one will. What are your thoughts on this subject?

Click below to see my signed U.S. Term Limits Pledge:



It will come as no surprise that I am pro-life. With over 20 years’ experience in obstetrics, every infant is a miracle. I have also been a blood donor for 25+ years. I do not know how I could be more pro-life.


Pro-2nd Amendment:

I have been an NRA member for 25+ years and have a Hunter Safety Certificate. My family and I enjoy target shooting.


Carbon Capture and Sequestration:

I believe that we should be good stewards of the land and good neighbors to each other. We should leave this land better than we found it for our children and grandchildren. Let’s not contaminate our most valuable asset, the land, for our most valuable resource, our people.

You Can Help!

Your voice matters! With your support, I can bring your voice to the Council, and work to improve things for the benefit of the people of Jasper County!

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